January 11, 2010

Things from around and about

First off, a bunch of stuff I have missed over at Nasa.  There's this and this and 12 billion years and then say hello to my little friends.  So that's us caught up there.

Then there's always the marvelous Dr Plait, who posts things like this and this and hellishly interesting things like this.  As well as a bunch of awesome skeptic stuff too!

And just to leave you all, I know link posts are like those Simpsons shows where they just revisit old shows, here's a couple of cool things.  Big Dipper to Southern Cross is worth a visit, especially for those who have hankered after seeing northern stars like me.  Then there's Nightshade, based on Stellarium, so how could you go wrong?

K, see you all next time!


gfkBill said...

Ooh, that's today's links sorted, cheers!

Wow, that Mauna Kea panorama is awesome :|

ValHallen said...

Oh yes, very very awesome.