January 12, 2010

Salty, Mars, Darkness, Rocketry

Well first off NASA has the salty over here ... mmmm nicely salted.  Then then indomitable Dr Plait has put us onto more Mars Goodness ... which is again,  teh awes0me. And a little late - the ESA have some nice films about the Ariane which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first launch. Then there's the NatGeo article on Darkness that's worth a read too!


gfkBill said...

Ooh, that Mars one is downright Modern Art, tres cool. That would look right at home in a gallery. Talk about "The wonders Thy hands hath made".

And a nit pick - "...the cracks (in the ice) disappear when the ice is gone" seems a tad self evident :D

ValHallen said...

As long as thy = NASA we're all good :P

But yeah - nice nice shot all the same!