November 19, 2012


We made Boing Boing!

Although it's the Sun guys, AND the moon :D

November 14, 2012

Eclipse, Nov 2012.

Well, the weather smiled on Snells Beach this morning for the best eclipse we're going to see here for a long, long time. Huge sighs of relief from myself and ValHallen, our gear performed just great, resulting in some excellent shots. 

Montage to come, too much work to do today to put that together!

Full Photo on Flickr

Totally agree with Bill up there - a shaky start, just enough clouds to kill the idea of a timelapse, but a glorious day was forthcoming after that with maximum coverage (about 10:24) shining out clear and bright.  The home-made Baader film filters worked a treat, along with Bill's new T2 mount :)  So all in all an awesome result!

I have post-processed some of the shots, with about 6 up on Flickr so far, this is one of my personal favorites, showing the mountains of the moon outlined against the sun!

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November 13, 2012

gfkBill's Solar Test Shot

Since you asked, here's my test from this evening. The shadows are bamboo in the "foreground".

This was a test shot this evening through a 60D, using a ND3.8 Baader film filter built on the weekend. T adaptor to shoot through a 25mm eyepiece in my cheap and nasty $100 3" Dob.

Looking good for the eclipse tomorrow, have also got Canon utility prepped on the laptop to drive said camera tomorrow - the live view feature looks VERY promising, should be able to get great focus if I can keep my scope from wobbling while I fiddle with the focuser!

Baader, Filthy Cameras and CHDK

Just done the first camera tests with the new, home made, Baader solar film on the end of the scope ... encouraging!!!

Hard to focus on the old star, but once you get in there the same rig I use for lunar shots seems to be doing the biz :)

You can check out the 5 test shots here :D

Oh what the hell, here's one to get you started ...

Bill ... where's yours?

November 7, 2012

NASA - Spot The Station

NASA - Spot The Station:

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