March 9, 2012

Aurora Alert

Mostly overcast in Auckland tonight in theory, but if you're further south and skies are clear, get outside and see if you spot yourself some aurora. A large sunspot on the sun has kicked out the biggest coronal ejection in the last 5 years, which should see some very strong auroral action over the next couple of nights. The moon, of course, is full, which will dull things somewhat.

March 5, 2012

Dear Google

Pet peeve:

Astrology adverts on Astronomy websites.

That is all.

March 4, 2012

March Skies

A good month coming up!

First off, 1200mm has a public Google calendar now, for events (like the hike on 24 March) and general stargazing goodness (Mars in opposition tonight!).

so, March So far:

4 March: Mars in opposition.
8 March: Moon close to Mars, Full Moon
11 March: Moon close to Saturn
14 March: Jupiter and Venus close together
15 March: Last Quarter Moon
20 March: Autumn Equinox, day and night are equal length
23 March: New Moon
24 March: 1200mm Hike to the Stars - if you;d like to come to this, please contact us.
26 March: Crescent Moon close to Jupiter and Venus.

For us Rodney/Snells Types, lots of LMC and SMC this month, as well as the usual cuplrits of Orion, Crux et Al.

Looking forward to some good moon and mars viewing!