July 31, 2012

Seminars, Attribution and Shameless Plugs

On Saturday Jax, Andie and I went to the museum for a talk by Fraser Gunn, who is one of my all time favorite astrophotographers.  He works out of Lake Tekapo (lucky bastard!) and I've been wanting to meet him for about a year now :)  Really nice guy, really good talk and a really inspiring time.  So inspiring in fact I went out to get a timelapse that very night!   It rained.

Anyways!  In other news - one of my pics got used as a song cover!  YAY for CC :)  And my bestest friend Axident has finally published one of his SF books .. please go download this right now!  Support a brother's dream to write weird SF!

Seriously, he's good!

5 days to go for Mars Touchdown ...
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