March 11, 2010

Just for the comparison ....

Here's another shot of the moon, this time taken with the 20D using Bill's long lens (300mm Zoom) it's for comparison to the other moon shots I posted this morning.

So that makes it 1/4 the focal length of the telescope .. even though that is kinda generous, because I use the IXUS 3x optical for the scope, and don't have the knowledge of optics to work out what that does to the focal length.

This hiatus has really shown me that I need some things to take this hobby further ... Scotch Mount for a start, then motor, then the rest ... there's even a very nice new point and shoot out from Canon that looks like to be perfect for the afocal stuff.

So the equation goes like this.  I love the stars. I want to take pics of them and all manner of other celestial things. For this I need Gear. For Gear I need Money. For Money I need a Job.  For Job I need a Showreel.  For Showreel I need time.


A month of missed links ...

A Mosaic of CassiopeiaHuygens on TitanWinds of Change, Iceberg Collision and Eye to Eye on Flying.

The Crab, Blast Off, Brand New World, Coming Home and A Window to the World.

There is of course more, but y'all know where NASA is right?

Oh wow.

I have been away - sorry guys.  I got very wrapped up in the mundanities of living, trying to find a job, running around in circles doing my showreel, things like that.

But as of this morning, here's 2 new shots for you - in the best 1200mm tradition of SSDD (Same Shot Different Day) ....

Both of these shot this morning - moon in the blue sky, and got these JUST before the storm closed in :)