January 7, 2010

Once more unto the Waikato

Jax and I are on "holiday" at the moment in Te Awamutu, which is, as usual, an awesome break.  So while I do have the 'scope with me, the opportunities for observing have been slight.  Either I have been too tired, or the clouds have chased me down here, which they have.

Still, tonight may be a good one, we will see.

Yesterday Jax and I went walking out and around TA, and we challenged each other to a photographic scavenger hunt - where we each wrote a list of things for the other person to find and photograph.  On the list she made me was ... space :)  Of course it was then cloudy as until quite late, as it is wont to do when I need clear skies.

So here's my "space" photo - with thanks to my niece Emily for the props :)

And if anyone is interested in the results of the scavenger hunt, you can find them here.

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