January 16, 2010

From NASA today ...

Star Maker is a lovely shot as always.  And this .. oh this is just cool ...

Star party II went ok on thursday .. due to timing and clouds it was more a BBQ than Star party. Just as we got ramped up with the scope it clouded right over. Before that happened, we got in M42 (yay!) and the Pleiades and then the Hyades in Taurus - aka "The Raining Stars" which were beautiful as the scope focussed in on them (25mm not 9mm for the wide view) so a big thanks to One-Minute Astronomer for the heads up!

There's some (non-astro) photos of the evening up on Flickr if anyone's interested. Next time I think we may have to move it to Pip's house (darker) or a lonely beach somewhere (darker still).

If the sky stays clear tonight, I am going to go try a longish timelapse of the southern stars over Snells - so keep an eye out for that, or at least me making excuses about why I didn't do it :)

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