January 12, 2010

Helios and Zeus

Hey all, there's a new timelapse up on Vimeo .. shot tonight as the sun went down on Sandspit wharf, where I caught no fish ...

Anyways, you can see Jupiter setting in the last few seconds.  This is a 20-second timelapse for an hour and 13 minutes - 2021 to 2134. Sunset was officially 2042 today.

Let me know what you think?


gfkBill said...

Nice! Did you just leave it on Auto exposure? Surprising lack of bouncing/popping in the exposure, though now that I think about it once every 20s gives it plenty of time to adjust between shots.

ValHallen said...

Yeah - turned off the CHDK overrides, set everything to auto except ISO then let that puppy fly. Post in AE, doubled the length and frame blended - and there it is :)

Would like to do a longer exposure of something more starry next.