January 13, 2010

NASA - you lovely thing you!

Bright Layered Deposits is NASA's offering today ... and quite lovely they are too. Then there's the news from PhysOrg - wastelands, dark energy, WISE-dom, small exoplanets and massive stars.

A little closer to home .. there's plans afoot for another star party .. on thursday.  So this time - weather permitting - I will be able to get some shots to share with everyone ... mind you most of the people who read this blog will BE there, so maybe the point is moot :)

Hopefully will be starting work on new mounting system very soon ... I want to try some prime-focus astro-photography.  With my camera and no lens.  To that end I really need to clean my mirror and collumate my scope - so I will bring you all pics and commentary on that when it happens :)

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