October 6, 2009

Visit to the AAS and Skydome

Just got back from my first AAS meeting ... and it was awesome, tonight we talked about observing the gas giants, and how to find them.  Finally met the awesome Andrew and got a look at the big scope and some cool videos and podcasts re:astronomy. All in all an excellent night!  Also, and most importantly, Andrew took the time out to show me why my Dob is drifting - not got the springs on right! So now, I'm off to fix that, then see if I can get hold of Jupiter in between rain showers!

More to come if I do!

Later Addendum ... well I got some shots, but they aren't very good - out of focus mainly, also think I got some condensation on lens/eyepiece in the cold tonight.  So I'm packing it in ... this one is probably the best of a bad lot :(

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