October 23, 2009

In the Shadow of the Earth

Well at around 8pm tonight, when I should have been making dinner, I was out getting some shots of the moon.  You guys know how I said that I was getting the Lumix sorted?  Well that might just only be for Jupiter, because a lot of my moon shots are out of focus again, or one part of the image is in focus and the rest isn't.

Some of this I think may be due to Mount II bouncing with the weight of the camera ... I tend to have it set to a 2-second wait then shoot, but even then, I am zoomed in 4x usually and the photos just look like they are blurred due to movement as well as the focussing.  Pop on over to Flickr and see for yourselves - any and all feedback is of course, welcome.

So tonight it's very very clear and cold, the crescent moon is out in the western sky, and I am thinking to myself it looks like an awesome night to see if I can see the more distant gas giants, which would be awesome as I have never seen them before.  However, I might just try get some better shots of La Luna before it sets as well ... possibly add a little more support to mount II, thereby taking it to mount II.V :)

Watch this space.

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Russell Kirkby said...

Most impressive dude. Very cool!