October 4, 2009

The Quest

For those of you who know me, and who read my other blog this will be familiar. However for any new people, or those people who don't read my other blog, henceforth to be used for other things, here's the links to The Quest ... also known as Where it All Started or How the Hell do I Keep This Thing Still?

The first post - The Quest - is here
Followed quickly by the second
and then the most successful to date, the third and fourth

And that will bring you all up to date on the state of my astro-photography.
Basically, if you can't be bothered reading that, I'm working through the process of taking photos of near-earth objects using my 8 inch dobsonian telescope and my crappy little Panasonic Lumix FS4. This is for the results of those shots, observations, links, and general blogginess .. I will upgrade the camera one day, and possibly even motorise the telescope, but lets just see where this goes shall we?

For now I am content to be on this journey, and anyone who is interested in shooting the stars on a budget or just with things you may have in your garage, I hope can find some advice, or at least a good laugh here.

I usually post my best shots and results to my Flickr account ... the astrophotography set is linked off to the side there, or for you lazybums ... here.

Looking out my windows right now, I see the sky has cleared somewhat and importantly, it's cold, which means it's time to start the Jupiter Project ... or at least get the moon in focus :)

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