October 19, 2009

Oh what a weekend!

Bill, you're a wonder, thank you so much for the loan of the laptop.  Got no results to show you however - basically the camera I got is too "bells and whistles" to give me the shots I want.  No matter what I do to the settings, the autofocus and autoexposure stays on, so after about 15 seconds, the planet fades out of focus ... incredibly frustrating, let me tell ya!

I got some footage last nght and was just setting up for tonight when, and I swear this is true, the sky clouded  over and began raining inside 15 minutes ... it's still raining now

So not good results for the Quest, however I have not given up!  I will try again with this webcam, Also with another, older one that I have ... and by the steel flesh of Ormagöden I will succeed!!


gfkBill said...

And I thought you got all sidetracked by metal gamey goodness. Though without pics, I still have my suspicions you're making this up ;) Trust the laptop made it in out of the rain!
Sux about the camera. Maybe pickup a cheap Canon off trademe? Some of them can be remote controlled via USB, Canon has software for it on their website.

ValHallen said...

Well the metal did claim some of the time, and the rain and clouds the rest - I quite honestly have nothing to how from the weekend, well apart from a new game I guess :) There is video, but it kinda sucks :(