October 11, 2009

Closing in on the Gas Giant

Well, I'm getting closer and closer to the good shots.  Still not brilliant, course it helps that my camera was NOT set to any ISO but to "Auto" which means it's little Panasonic brain goes "It's dark! ISO 1600!" And of course Jupiter becomes a big white circle with no detail, but you can see the moons :)

So tonight I got out about 2am, fiddled with mount a bit till I got it locked down hard, then started shooting, tweak scope, shoot, that kinda thing.  I swear the focus was right for my, admittedly old, tired and half-busted eyeballs, but through the camera it's still fuzzy-ish.  *sigh*

I bought a cheap webcam today that shoots video at 1600xsomething, so that's the next project to attempt ... going to need a laptop ... anyone interested in donating an old one? *grin*

Anyways ... here's the best shot of the night, well the only one I am prepared top show the world anyways. Jupiter, with I think Callisto and Ganymede as best I can make out from Stellarium.   I'm not disappointed, because this does show real progress, but I still want to do a lot better ... oh yes, the quest continues!

Night all!

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