August 29, 2010

Time to organise

As well as packing to move to a new house in a week - a house with a balcony and a good night sky view to the north and east - I am trying to also get my digital and photographic affairs in order.

So there's some changes afoot.  First one is the renaming of the Flickr account from chickinthepark1 to Astronomr .. which is a little more apropos, links will remain the same.

Then there's the investation of a Tumblr account - - where I will be posting more photography related things, starting with all the shots in the Flickr account that have passed 50 views. You got to start somewhere.

 I also mooched over to Deviant Art, but after reading just what they can do with your photos and artwork, I mooched straight back out again.  I'm not a huge fan of copyright, but also not a huge fan of giving stuff away without permission - if you want to use something of mine, ask for it, it's usually fine :)

So things are progressing :)  Just hope gfkBill texts me with a time to go round and start cleaning The Beast!

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