August 25, 2010

Bright Lights, Small Town

Valhallen isn't the only astro-photography nut around here, although that's scarcely a coincidence. Until the Beast is up and on it's 3 feet, I'll have to content myself with long exposure fun with the 300D we rescued. Hmm, bit of a theme here, fixing up broken and neglected optics! Speaking of which, have a 350D on the way which will be a major mission to fix, but I digress.

Last night featured a gorgeous moon halo, and a very bright Venus, so without further rambling, some pics...

A little noisy, but i like them. Now to figure out how to insert pictures; just getting the links in right was a mission :)

1 comment:

ValHallen said...

There ya go Bill :) They are awesome pics man!