November 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Wellington Skies

Here's a surprising fact, I appear to have been made the god of all clouds .. they love me, and follow me where ever I go.  I'm at the penultimate day of my Wellington trip, get on the plane tomorrow morning and fly home.  And the skies down here have been clear maybe once and a half in the last week.

Is it the time of year? Is it my Movember mustache? Or just random happenstance.  I know it's not my scope, because Bill seems to have got some viewing goodness in while I was away.  So here's a coupl eof things I actually managed to shoot down here - cam only of course, as the rig is with Bill - and these were shot on the second night of my trip.

So here's the Moon, and Jupiter .. was a nice clear night, and I am still learning all the features of the CHDK, so my photography is a little all over the place atm ...

Then there's this one

Which I am quite fond of.  This is a shade over 10 minutes, shot from Axi's porch.

So back to Snells tomorrow - hopefully the skies will start behaving - although, not hoping much - and I can unleash the new camera and rig at the moon.  See y'all later.


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Well tat's the suckiest suck that ever sucked ... Thanks Bill!