November 21, 2009

Quick post - shooting between the clouds

Well wouldn't you just know it?  I lend my rig to Bill for a week and the #$%&ing sky clears ... arrrgh.  To be honest it clouded over again fairly quickly, but I took the chance to get some shots of the crescent moon - and have a bit of a play with my camera.  Things I learned:  ISO is sensitive! A dSLR has many advantages, mainly the bigger CCD that helps with noise, and of course the whole LENS thing *fume*.  How did I learn this most obvious factoid?  My esteemed flatmate, Jeremy, had his 1000D out with me, and his shots blew mine away :)

Here, let me share one with you:

I think he's done awesomely, even though I might grumble about his dSLR.  You can follow his Flickr account by taking the number off the end of the link above :) Or clicking on the one over there -->

So I have no rig for a week, I'm off to the Wellytown on Tuesday, and have given Bill the Dob for the week or so that I'm away - by all rights I should change the name of the blog to 15.2mm as that's about all the focal length I got without the scope :)

Anyways .. am off to go learn about RAW, ISO and various other TLAs


gfkBill said...

Cheers for the rig. It was, of course, cloudy on Monday night so it's intended use at Boy's Brigade was a washout. All good, I had them shooting short films on blue screen instead, so still a geek victory :)

Tonight on the other hand, is looking like a stunner! w00t! Finally.

ValHallen said...

No worries mate. Happy to lend it. Wellington was nice and clear last night ... got some nice shots of Luna and Jupiter, which I will post very soon :) GL for tonight bro!!