January 10, 2013

2013, A New Committment and an Early Tragedy

Hey Folks, anyone heard from Bill?  Last I saw him he was making a tinfoil hat and muttering about twin satellites ... he also wants me to call him "Fox" for some disturbing reason.

Seriously tho, welcome to the new orbit, the 43rd since I arrived here :D

To try and improve my photography, and maybe to get something awesome going later on, I am starting to ramp up on the photography again ... to whit, I will be posting a picture a day this year - not necessarily taking a picture per day, but posting one.  So here's the first nine, it's a Flickr link, sorry.

From here I will be posting from Flickr as I upload.

And now the tragedy ... Just before Xmas I bought a new compact camera for my telescope shots, just after Xmas I dropped it :(  It's knocked the focus/lens assembly out of true, so if anyone knows how to get the lenses out of a Canon IXUS 120, please let me know :(

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1 comment:

Joy Findlay said...

Yay about a pic a day, stink about the new camera.