April 14, 2012

1 Star, 2 Star, Red Star, Blue Star

Both of us here at 1200mm have kids.  Mine are in their mid to late teens now, while Bill's come in a little younger than that.  As parents, it's natural and normal to want to pass your passions, knowledge and wisdom on to your children.  Unfortunately they stop listening to you at age 11.

Enter Findlay Books with the solution .. beginner astronomy eBooks for the newest astronomers .. the strategy being "get em interested early and your work is halved!"

Joy Findlay has written and self-published a series of 6 eBooks, all dealing with the things that little astronomers need to learn, shapes, colours, numbers and letters and things of that ilk.  The "Rocket Boy, my First Reader" series are wonderfully presented books, utilising some of the most awesome astro-stock images to teach these beginning concepts to the smallest star gazers of them all.  The colours are bright and cheerful, the pictures are fascinating and eye catching, if you're looking for something to get your daughters and sons into space, this is an awesome start!

The series doesn't attempt to make the people reading the books feel stupid either, after looking through 1200's promotional copies I had to go look up 2 of the nebulae used for myself!  I personally really enjoyed this series, and it would be something I would heartily recommend to anyone with young kids.

Available on Kindle Colour and anything that supports it, and at 0.99c/1.99c a download, well worth it :)

You can grab the download links here:

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