November 16, 2011

Some nice photo DIY

An acquaintance of ours, Luke, has been working on the timelapse goodness.  Including this little beauty:

Yep, that's a home-made, motorised dolly :)  The man has this to say about it:

This is my first go at making a slider. It is built from 2 shelving rods, and a small moving trolley from Mitre10. It is motorized by an old BBQ rotisserie motor and pulled along by nylon fishing line. Its just over 2m long, and this version was about 35cm wide. 

I have since moved away from using the trolley ,and built a small slider, also reducing its width to about 15cm. with this motor it takes only 30 min to slide along the 2m rail. my next iteration will have a smoother geared motor, (1 or 2 RPM) enabling a longer adjustable slide time and will eventually have a pulley system in place to enable forward and reverse motion.

No shots available from it yet, but we're interested to see how they look when they do come out!  Especially any night shots you feel like doing bro!

Update:  Tracker v1.6

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