October 6, 2011

Val and the Big Guns

Let me tell you all about the trip to Tekapo - there was fretting! The weather was playing silly buggers half the time and in the end we ended up driving back to Tekapo from Mt Cook to go on the tour.

I should say tours.  We stayed up there for 3 tours.  The Earth and Sky guys and girls were just the best.  I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Chrissy, Matt, Christian and Chris, and of course Maki who put up with a totally spastic amateur astro-photog asking all kinds of dumb questions and gonig squeeeeeee all over  the tracker.

The photos going up on Flickr and here at the moment are a combo of my own efforts, and the ones I got up at Mt John with the help and support of the tour guys.  I really couldn't recommend these guys higher.

K, K, shutting up now.

Here's me squinting through the Big Scope!
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