April 10, 2011

The boys are back in town

Well back in the countryside anyways.  Bill and I went out a-shooting tonight at Scandretts ... it's a nice spot, will do more there ... anyways, short of it is, I tried my hand at stacking ... here's 34 images, stabilised and stacked.  More photos coming tomorrow .. it's late and I'm still sick.

Also, if you visit this on Flickr, you will see that this shot has a CC (Creative Commons) licence, meaning you can go nuts with it :D


gfkBill said...

Registax? Real nice! Man, we gotta get the Beast finished and hooked up to a camera.

ValHallen said...

Actually, AE and Photoshop :D Registax was crap at aligning them :D Or I'm doing SOMETHING wrong (most likely)