September 3, 2010

The Stars, Kiwiana and gfkBill strikes a pose

What an awesome night last night.  Leigh/Pakiri was DARK! Not to mention Auckland on the horizon, and all-round awesome views!  1200mm team was out in force .. IE Bill and I went a-shooting.  And without further ado, here's what we got :)

In the first one, Bill strikes a pose as the Milky Way revolves behind him, and in the second the LMC hovers over Rangitoto and the rest of the landscape.


Then there's the Southern Cross over the Punga trees - I mean what could be more Kiwi?!? And finally, my fav shot of the night, I love the combination of the man made and the Milky Way.  There were of course some more, which you will see as soon as I do some more post on them.  Speaking of Post .. 3200ISO shots are very nice, but getting the noise out of them isn't.

HUGE thanks to gfkBill for the night.  Check his Flickr stream for his pics as they come up!


Matt said...

Awesome shots. What are the settings you're using roughly? I did a few shots tonight at 1 minute exposure, zoomed in a little but not a lot using a 18-55mm, and most times on 1 minute and 30 seconds they came out as lines, not sure if that's camera movement or earth rotation etc? Using mirror lock and a remote and delay etc.

ValHallen said...

Hey Matt.

Using the 18-55mm Canon kit lens, between 20 and 30 seconds and ISO 3200. Sounds like what you are getting is star trails .. rotation of the earth .. this changes depending on the declination of the part of the sky you are shooting. There's a rough explanation on here about a month back.