July 1, 2010

6mm moon

Ok, lots of montaging going on over here .. will be better when I get the WHOLE of the moon I guess .. stupid clouds.

But anyways ... here's the latest WIP at Flickr ...

For those of you who are interested ... each tile is 1956x1623 pixels and there are 92 of them so far, full image is 17500px on a side (at this point).   The file is 1.19 Gb with each tile around 1-2 Mb.  The tiles are all RGB at this stage and the only post that's been done is cropping as I have a bit of crap on my CCD :(  So there's still chromatic aberration in there.

However. I don't have ALL of the moon, as this is my first try, so I will probably get back out there tonight and get some more - weather permitting of course. (sorry hon).

This still not the finished item .. call it a WIP or proof of concept.  I love my 6mm :D

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