June 5, 2010

Long Exposure ...

ok, before the clouds closed right in tonight :(  I had some small success! :)

Here's the best results .. after some Photoshopping of course.

I started here:

Which was me, forgetting I had left the camera set to 3200 ISO! One of those happy mistakes!  Look at all them stars!!  Everything is yellow due to the sodium streetlamps of course - next time I do this, it's backyard for me!  206 seconds (3:26) at f/4.0, ISO 3200.  Then I moved onto this:

Which actually caught a bit of the milky way there! (top left cnr)  This one is 219s (3:39) at f/4.0 and ISO 400.  So then of course battery went flat, so went inside for charging, came back out and just as it was clouding over, got these:

123s (2:03) at f4/5, ISO 400

163s (2:43) at f4/5, ISO 400

So I have so far stabilised the mount, and got a minute of metronome clicking (60bpm) for my mp3 player, so I have a stable mount and WAY more accurate timing .. however I do end up outside for hours, in the cold, listening to clicks :)

According to the met service, we are facing rain until thursday next week :(  But I live in hope!

All in all a good night!  :)

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