May 17, 2010

Oh. Wow.

I set up for a timelapse of the moon and Venus tonight, 1 shot every 15s ... movie coming .. however ... look what I got :)

Yup, that's lightning over Snells :)

Then pulled out the SLR for some long exposure ... :)

Addendum:  here's the final timelapse, sorry about the black frames at the end - my bad, but as vimeo lmiits you to 1 HD/month, not much I can do :)


gfkBill said...

Awesome! And that makes two nights in a row you've done what I've wanted to be doing - spooky.
I got a nice lightning bolt once on my handicam - on replay, it was there for a single field!

ValHallen said...

w0w. So I managed to get a bolt, when I was effectively shooting 6 frames/second, over a timelapse of about 2 hours .. must go buy lotto ticket :)