February 5, 2010

War. And peace.

Tonight saw Mars through the 'scope and for the first time ever saw details on the planet!  Very exciting!

In other, sadder, news.  My uncle, John McKechnie, passed away this morning.  He was an enormous influence on my life, he got me into CG, he looked after me, he taught me a lot of the things that help me be me now and he was my friend.

He was also one of the big inspirations for my astronomy habit.  I loved him and I will miss him terribly.  He's survived by  my Mum, and his 3 children, Cameron, Rosemary and Andrea.  He was, and  will always be one of the brightest stars in my sky, and now he has rejoined the universe.

Bye Bye Uncle John, love you mate.


Alex Brown said...

John was just the coolest uncle ever and will be much missed. Lots of great memories and the world's a better place for him having been on it.

You look after the Kiwi branch of the family for me please Jase!

[Jase's brother]

ValHallen said...

Willdo bro, willdo, or at least do my best :)

Bruce Sabiston said...

Hi, John was a technical trainee with me at 2XB Masterton, as you say a rather special person and one I and many others have never forgotten. There were times I could have screwed his neck and others he had me caring for him greatly, BUT he survived and I am glad to find my thoughts echoed so very thoroughly by others.

Bruce Sabiston aka "Sabo"

ValHallen said...

Thanks Bruce.
As a long time friend of our family, I'm glad to see you here. He's very much missed by all of us. Mum will be organising a memorial service in Wellington at some stage, so I will make sure that I get that date and time to you when it's all sorted.

Nice to hear from you again, sorry it is under such circumstances.

Alex Brown said...

Glad to hear about a memorial service - probably a long way for me to come though :(